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Friday, February 12, 2010

TV Down Time??

Is there such a thing as TV down time?

I'm confused on this term "TV Downtime" its when the Children watch something in particular that the parent thinks is fun and/or noneducational. "TV Downtime" is this required in my Children's day or should i be asking how much time do these Children spend watching TV a day that would require an allotted "Downtime" period?

This term was used in a conversation amongst a group of ladies talking about what their children are watching on TV at the moment and we were discussing the latest UK created person in a brightly coloured suit talking ga-ga and someone said something like "Freddy loves that show we watch it everyday" and someone else said "Oh i can't stand it really but Joey likes it so he watches it sometimes and i go and do other things" and then Freddy's mum replies "oh its his down time" I just stayed quiet nodding, not having a clue on this whole "down time" scheduling.

The next day i sat with my toddler to watch this popular program and sure he was enjoying it but i don't get it and turned it off. My son is learning and absorbing information from everything continuously. He doesn't know if its "downtime" or up time or sideways time he doesn't know if the show is educational or not.

I'm not saying Children shouldn't watch this show, not at all. I just feel better knowing my son is watching and learning numbers and words and values and OK they maybe coming from Muppet's or wiggling men in skivvy's but I'd much rather than then him learning and observing from a something that doesn't use words and clutches a blanket all the time.