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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

I went a little crazy whilst pinning Gingerbread Houses have a look at my board or pinterest it yourself. I have so many ideas now i think i'll be doing more than 1 house. Guarentee i'll be doing those little ones though how cool are they!

have a good week everyone.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Stocking Filler Ideas

Knick Knacks, Lollies or Chocolate, Useful stuff or Junk?  

I hate to waste money, the frugal in me is always tsk tsking me come time for Christmas shopping.  Stocking Fillers is one of those things that i put a lot of thought into.  I like to buy lots of small things but don't want crap and of course the loot has to be even between the kids.

Here's some ideas i have or things I have used in the past :

  • Pens, textas, crayons, chalk. They're all good and the little packs of "special ones" fit in perfect
  • Rulers, erasers, pencil cases. Most school kids need new ones for the following year so stock them up! Smiggle has been huge in our house for a while now.
  • Little Lego packs.  You know the little cars or boats.
  • PJ's.  
  • Kids Magazine.  My eldest loves the KidZone Mag so he usually gets one of these.
  • Goggles and Sunglasses.  We seem to need these every year.
  • Key-rings and Bag tags. This was cool for my sons school last year everyone has the same bag so keyrings was the thing to collect.
  • Cookie Cutters. I can (ahem)  The kids can never have enough.
  • Yo-yo or Bouncy ball. Pending on the age
  • Bubbles.  Can never go wrong with bubbles.  For older kids National Geo. Has "Magic Balloons".
  • Toy Cars. Hotwheels, matchbox etc.
  • Girls stuff.  Clips, bands, nail polish, lip gloss.
  • Bath Crayons or Roll on Soap. The roll on soap comes like a roll on deodorant. I get this from AVON.
  • Jewellery or for boys those rubber band bracelet thingies.
  • Stickers or even better glow in the dark stickers.
  • Balls - bouncy, handballs, baseball, cricket - whatever they are into 
  • Ribbon wands. 
  • Watch.
  • Cards.  Master 3 is loving the memory game but we will need new cards by Christmas :)
  • Travel games.  So handy to take to Nannas. Kmart has little connect four and chess and things.
  • Book or Music on CD.  My kids love listening to books on CD. I get these from Book Depository.
  • A big lolly pop. You know those big ones from actual lolly shops. I'd never let my kids have these so Santa gets them.
  • Wind up toys. They rarely live past Christmas day but they do provide entertainment for a while.
  • Crafty Stuff. Some googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glitter and sparkle thingies, foam bits.
  • Books.  Bookshops have those little books or even Woolies has those small kids books.

What does your Santa Fill with ??

Monday, October 10, 2011

Friends - keep them all or let some go?

Nearly all my nearest and dearest friends are miles away from me.  i don't see them on a regular basis. Some i see once or twice a year, some once every couple of years and one i haven't actually seen for four or five years.  I've moved or they moved but it seems no matter where we are and what is happening in our lives we can still pick up the phone or catch up in person and it was like I'd seen them yesterday. 

The friends i have time for, the friends i give my time to any time of day. The friends i know i can count on for an honest opinion, to hear me when i need to talk, to share my secrets and fears. The friends i know i can rock up at the door no matter how long its been and they just go put the kettle on.   I love these friends no matter what I'd be there for them.

I have some other friends that i do see regularly or did see regularly but now not so much.  nothing has happened just life and time and i don't seem to be bothered by this. It seems too hard to catch up with them and when i do i dunno its just not that fun anymore does that make sense?

I have a friend i want to let go. we don't seem to have much to talk about anymore. when we do catch up i feel i give and give but don't get much back, its way out of balance. I don't rush to check her emails or texts i wait till I'm free. I don't return calls 'cos I'm just not up for the chat.  I feel tired after i see her like its a lot of effort.  I really can't be bothered with it i feel my time can be better put to use.
Is this wrong or has this relationship served its purpose and its time to move on.  Nothing has happened there has been no falling out or anything.  Am i being selfish.

Do you let friends go?

Do you stay friends for no reason?

By Bel

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ideas for Cool Macarons

I have pinned Macarons in honour of my little house guest from interstate for the week to whom i may have encouraged to eat macrons all week
(and created an expensive little addiction for her mother to foot the bill for)


Have a good week everyone

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sometimes i need a little reminder

Sometimes the day or the week rushes past so fast.

Sometimes its not till everyones in bed that i finally sit down and stop whatever it is that's been keeping me so busy.

Sometimes i forget or just don't get to take the time in a day to sit and play or read or cook or do whatever it is that i've been asked to do.

Sometimes he has such an innocent and cute way of reminding me hes here.