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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Terrarium Gifts – Give a Living Gift

What is the perfect gift for all occasions that just about anyone would enjoy?
The good old terrarium!

Whether it’s a gift for Christmas, birthday, house warming, teacher’s gift, you name it! All you need to do is add the little personal touches at the end.

You’ll need:
  • A clear glass container
  • Rocks or pebbles
  • Potting mix
  • Plant cuttings or small bought plants 
*I used bought plants and added some of my own 


  1. Clean your container so there’s no dust or dirty marks.
  2. Your first level is the rocks. They’ll create drainage for the plants. Put about 5cm layer down
  3. Add your potting mix. You’ll need a good amount for the plants to be able to grown. 
  4. Position your plants/cuttings before you plant them so you know where everything will go. Plant them one by one and compact the soil around them.
  5. Give your new terrarium a little water.

Let your recipient know how to look after their new terrarium by making a little swing tag or writing in their card these few things: Lightly water your terrarium once/twice a week. Trim any plants that are growing over the edge or are getting too bushy.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Gravy with White Wine and Kangaroos

Christmas Songs that everyone should know

Week Four
Its time for some Australian Chrissy songs

They dont get a lot of global play but we do have a few Aussie Christmas songs. 
There is some "Crusty the Swagman" and "Prawns on the Barbie" kind of songs but they're not REAL songs. 
Yes i knowthe guys in skivvies did a couple too.

Heres a few I love and think everyone should know them.

Song One:
Tim Minchin - White Wine In The Sun

Originally"White Wine In The Sun" appears in the 2008 album"Ready for This?".
The song was released in December 2009 as a downloadable single online, as part of a campaign to get it into the UK Christmas Charts.  Although it was unsuccessful he did donate 50% of the December profits of the sales to the National Autistic Society.

I love the part of his song telling his baby girl that if she finds herself nine thousand miles from home at Christmas when she is twenty one or thirty one that the family will be home waiting for her.   

He's a little too alternative for me mostly but some of his work i love and this song is one of them.

Song two:
Paul Kelly - Who's going to make the Gravy

'Song of the Year' nomination at the APRA  music awards in 1998 and Paul Kelly sang the song at the 2012 AFL Grand Finals.  
He had been asked to contribute to a Charity music album and decided to have a go at writing one.  He was inspired by Irving Berlin's White Christmas (covered in week 2 of our Christmas songs).

Its about a prisoner writing to his brother and lamenting on missing Christmas with the family this year.

The recipe for the Gravy is apparently true, Kelly got it from his first father in law. 

Its pretty Australian huh?

Song Three:
Rolf Harris - Six White Boomers

Now we are talking Christmas songs and not the current alleged criminal status of the artist. 
So What is not to love about this?  
Poor Joey loses his Mummy (probably wasn't listening and doing as he was told I'd say)   but good old Santa takes him in his Sleigh a to find her.
What do you know there are White Kangaroos pulling the sleigh. Now i had assumed that they were white because they had covered themselves in Zinc cream so they don't get burnt out in the "blazing sun" but apparently there is a reason they are white.  Mr Harris wrote the "Six White Boomer's" song because even though he grew up in Perth everyone always sang Christmas songs with snow in them hence they are white -kinda having a bit of a go.  
There is also six not twelve pulling the sleigh because he believes that one big male Boomer is stronger than two Reindeer's. Fair call.
It all works out ok they find little Joey's Mumma and its all good.

Harris actually topped the UK Christmas Charts for six weeks in 1969 with his recording of the "Two Little Boys" a song written about the American Civil War in 1902. It sold over a million copies and was awarded a gold disc.

Dedicated to my friend Bec who'll be more than 9000 miles from home this Christmas xxx

Have you been away from home for Christmas ?

From now till Christmas each week we are sharing Christmas Songs that i think everyone should know.
Why? Why not! No real reason just some are so great and some so bad and some are just hilarious!
I'll include some fun and fascinating trivia (that you just wont want to miss) and maybe a little story of my own.
I would really really love for you to get into this with me - maybe sing a tune and share some stories with us :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Craft -Really quick and simple crafts for kids

Cute Reindeers

These cute little guys can be made to hang as ornaments from your Christmas tree, stuck up on the wall with some blue tack to create a little reindeer family OR stuck onto wrapped Christmas presents as a nice extra decoration.

For each reindeer you’ll need: 3 x pop sticks (plain, coloured, short, long – any kind you like!)
2 x googly eyes
1 x small pompom ball
1 x pipe cleaner
craft glue 

1.Glue two pop sticks together to make a ‘V’ shape.
2.Glue the googly eyes half way up each pop stick.
3.Curl the pipe cleaner around and around the centre of the third pop stick then bend the two ends of the pip cleaner to look like antlers.
4.Glue the third piece on, placing it above the eyes.
5.Glue the pompom ball to the bottom of the V to make a nose and leave it all to dry.

I showed Miss Two how to make the first reindeer, and then let her glue and stick all the other reindeer's together (with my guidance). She loved picking her own colours and being in charge of creating her reindeer's.
While she was busy picking and gluing the eyes on, I made the antlers as they were a little too difficult.

Tips: You can glue the pop sticks in advance if you have young children or if you’re unable to leave them in their position to dry.

Christmas Wands

These wands are the perfect accessory for your little ones Christmas costume, as the star on the top of your Christmas tree OR the kids can play with them as a magic Christmas wand.
For each wand you’ll need:
1 x polystyrene foam star (I got a mixed pack of 6 from Kmart for $3)
1 x stick
red paint

1.Poke a hole in the foam star with the stick.
2.Put a bit of glue on the hole. Position your ribbon over the tip of the stick and push it back into the same hole. This is to keep the stick stable and secure the ribbon.
3.Let your child paint the star all over, turning it over to paint both sides.

4.Give them some glitter to sprinkle over their freshly painted star and then leave it to dry.

This has by far been the best Christmas craft I’ve made with Miss Two. It’s very quick easy to make and they look great. Best of all she loved making it and loves playing with it.
You can also to this idea with almost any foam shape you like, just add ribbon and paint!

Reindeer Muesli/Chocolate bars

My kids loved making these. 

You just need coloured Christmas paper, tape, pipecleaners, eyes, pom poms and glue and something to wrap. we used snack bars but you could use any tubular or rectangle packaged gift.

1. Wrap your item in the coloured paper like a present and tape together
2. Cut the pipe cleaner in half and tape to the back.
3. Glue the eyes and nose on.

Great little gift for classmates or friends.


Other than getting the kids footprints in paint these are so easy and so cute.

Once you have your footprints and they have glue them to some thicker card of a different colour. It makes them stand out and makes them last a little longer.

Pop a hole in the top and thread a string or ribbon through the top. We used a pipecleaner. 

Tie a prettybow and glue or staple it to the top and its done! 

Do you make Christmas craft with your little one?

The Multitasking Mummy

Just incase you missed it, you may like our How to Bow like a Pro article.
Make your own ribbon bows and save heaps.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas with Alvin and a Wookie ?!

Christmas Songs that everyone should know

Week Three!
Are you enjoying your weekly dose of Christmas Songs ??

First Song:

"The Chipmunk Song (Christmas dont be late)"
Written by Ross Bagdasarian (a.k.a. David Seville - The Chimpmunks Adoptive Father) in 1958. Bagdasarian recorded all the voices though the credits are given to the fictitious Chipmunk Characters.

It reached number one on the Billboard Top100 in the US and stayed there for four weeks. Funnily enough was the only Chipmunk single to ever reach number 1.  
Ross Bagdasarian had only one other single that being "Witch Doctor" which also topped the charts in 1958. 

Fun fact for you. The Chipmunks were named Alvin, Simon and Theodore. They were named after Liberty Record's President Al Bennett, Owner Si Warnoker and the engineer on duty when it was recorded, Ted Keep.

After 45 years the song made it back into the Top 100 in 2008 after the success of the movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks"

This song won Three Gramys and Bagdasarians "Witch Doctor" won two Gramys for Musical Engineering.  

Second Song:

"What do you get a Wookie for Christmas (when he already owns a comb)"
From the Album "Christmas with the Stars - Star Wars Christmas Album"

I kid you not!!

Most of the Album is sung by Anthony Daniels (C3PO).  

It is however most known for the first professional recording of Jon Bon Jovi.  
He sings the lead vocals in  "R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas."
Jon Bongiovi (his birth name) was employed to sweep floors at the studio where it was recorded. His Cousin owned the studio and co produced the album.  

The Track list for the album is :
"Christmas in the Stars" – 3:17
"Bells, Bells, Bells" – 3:15
"The Odds Against Christmas" – 3:04
"What Can You Get a Wookiee for Christmas (When He Already Owns a Comb?)" – 3:24
"R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas" – 3:16
"Sleigh Ride" – 3:36
"Merry, Merry Christmas" – 2:09
"A Christmas Sighting ('Twas the Night Before Christmas)" – 3:43
"The Meaning of Christmas" – 8:08

On a side note, did you know there was a television show "Star Wars Holiday Special"
It was aired only once. November 17 1978 in the U.S. and Canada on CBS.  
George Lucas was quoted as saying "If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every copy of that show and smash it."
There is lots of random facts and history and Lucas quotes about it but you can look it up i just wanted to share this totally odd song.

Have you ever received a Christmas gift 
that was totally odd??

I got a plain black nothing special plastic soup spoon for a gift a couple of years ago .....  odd 
yes i use it.

From now till Christmas each week we are sharing Christmas Songs that i think everyone should know.
Why?  Why not!    No real reason just some are so great and some so bad and some are just hilarious!
I'll include some fun and fascinating trivia (that you just wont want to miss) and maybe a little story of my own.
I would really really love for you to get into this with me -  maybe sing a tune and share some stories with us :) 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Buy Unique, Buy Quality and Support your Locals this Christmas

We'd love to share with you some businesses that are your local!   
How about supporting a neighbour, a WAHM, a Small or even a beautifully creative Hand Made Business this Christmas.  

Here is a list of some Fabulous Locals that would love for you to grab a cuppa and take a browse.  
If you have time please leave a comment for them, a 'like' or a share.   
Lets spread some BUY LOCAL love 

A4 Christmas Wall Art  - PrintableBe | Design SolutionsGorgeous Christmas stationery and Wall Art
Do you do Reindeer Food ? 
You will love the bag toppers.
I love being able to print something professional straight away and have it right when i need it.

Also if you are after some graphics work done - here is your lady!

A great Christmas present for the kids!  Do you get asked what does your child want for Christmas? How about suggesting an art pack  a monthly art delivery for $24 which gives you 4 packs delivered. Each pack having enough materials to make 4 items (or to do up to 4 children).

They have lots of themed crafts and supplies. You could make one of these brilliant layered Christmas tree crafts the pack is only $1.50. 

Green Envy Living - Moffat Beach QLdOh so much to love here.
Beautiful prints, tea lights, light shades and clocks.
Who wouldn't love a cheeky little cuckoo clock I have a friend who's kitchen this would fit perfectly.There is also a "time flies" clock you HAVE to check out so clever.
I love this limited edition print - Framed and gift boxed called “And the Stars and the Moon Tuck us in at Night!”  Perfect for a baby's wall.
Shop with Green Envy Living

Photo: One for pick up today.MUZZ Lasercut products and Services
Muzz - Sydney, NSWHow much easier would finding little girls clips and ties be with one of these! Such a Great idea.
Muzz has lots of great ideas and unique products.
If you missed her Christmas decorations this year follow her page now,so you don't miss out again.
Muzz also does bulk orders - great option for businesses.
Facebook Page
Shop with MUZZ lasercut product and services

Your Cheeky Monkey

So much thought has gone into this selection of products. 
Burpies cloths are brilliant! If you know someone with a baby on the way - get these!  So much nicer than an old nappy thrown over your shoulder!
Lots to choose from if you are buying a gift for a Baby or Mummy. i love the little Cuski Comforters - too cute.  
Shop at Your Cheeky Monkey

Hunting for Ladybugs
If you know me well you know how much i love this lass. I love how you can choose your own fabric pre make. Skirts, bags, pencil cases, hats, toiletry bags you name it she can make it.
These big PVC lined bags are so handy for picnics, outings, baby bags or a great shopping bag.  The body of the bag is 55cm deep and 50cm wide.   It comes with a clear PVC outer shell, magnetic stud closure and two internal pockets as standard.  You can choose your fabric from her selection or provide your own. 

Little Red Key 
Little Red Key - Rockhampton, QLDSterling Silver hand stamped jewelry.  A beautiful gift. Have a necklace or bracelet hand stamped with names, initials,quotes or dates. A lovely keepsake.
Special orders have closed till after Christmas but there is a store with a lovely range.
Facebook Page
Shop at Little Red Key

inviteme.com.au - Yarraville, VICEverything for a party is covered here.  Invites, cups, lolly bags and decorations.
There is some gorgeous gift lines - pretty plates, teapots and  dress-ups.
I am so in love with the compotes!
Christmas decor! if you are looking for cool decorations or some more bakers twine look no further.  
Lots of cool stuff! 
Shop at invite me   Facebook Page

Accessories every girl needs right here! 
I love the shades of colours to choose from.  So unique and pretty.   
Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.  In so many colours i am sure you'll find one or two or three things you just love.
Not long to go for guaranteed Christmas delivery so pop over and have a look.

My Lil Pouch
Need to buy for a baby?  Have a baby coming and someone wants to buy you something?  Get these. Get the starter pack it has everything you need so you can easily transport baby food, snacks, formula or drinks.   So handy. we have some of these and you'd be surprised how often you use them. Essential for freezing and reheating of baby foods. Dishwasher safe and even store flat in the cupboard!
Lotus Locket
This is precious gift idea. A Personalised locket. 
You choose 5 charms of your choice - symbols, birthstones, letters etc. Then a leather or silver chain
You could have the letters of your children or reminders of fond memories
All $49 and Free postage Australia wide.   Facebook Page

Unique styles and fabrics on an absolute essential accessory.  
Find your own style here whether its Retro, Clutch, Bucket  or maybe on for the kids (pint sized messenger  there is one you'll love.

Little Stuffed Friends
Beautiful and Unique handmade dolls.

Have a look at these Little Bobbins I know my little girl would be in love instantly. Great size too just enough for her to carry around.

Gorgeous Dolls. You have to take a look and i love the reversible mat and the little bean bags -  tooooo cute!
Special orders have closed.Only what is available in store.
Facebook Page     
Shop at Little Stuffed Friends

Your Inspiration at Home range includes dukkahs, spices blends, dip mixes, oils, vinegars, choc powders, baking blends, teas, coffees and much more!

Christmas Hampers now available.
 Facebook Page

Spirited Mama

Beautiful French Children's treasures. There is some stunning products in this store. Lovely floor cushions and baby treasures. Bags with matching hats and pretty dolls.  
You have to have a look at the mobiles they are so exquisite i adore them they are inspiring and intriguing and fascinating. There is large ones and small ones and spiraling ones which are just beautiful i love the fisherman one.  A truly unique treasure.  

My pampered little princess - Townsville, QLDGorgeous treasures made from Vintage and upcycled materials.  
Handmade and with love. 
These little necklaces are too cute. Many to choose from. Would make beautiful stocking stuffers. 

Monkey Folio
How awesome are these.  
"Stand out in the jungle" 
 love them.  Great funky designs and colours to choose from.  Fabulous leather cases for your folio, tablet or journal.  These would make a great gift!   

SHOP BANNERHere is a business that is so inspiring to follow. 
Three very creative busy people continuously producing gorgeous goods for you to buy.  Custom orders have closed for the season but have a look at the store and follow their page to keep update with their irresistible wares.  

"To help you take good care of you and take good care of the planet!" 

We could all use a little TLC and here there is an extensive range of beautiful products from incense and candles to baby clothes and cleaning products.  

Please check out their beautiful body washes and hand/body lotions. 
Shop at All Things Zen

Such a cute concept!
Feel happy and confident knowing your children are wearing this NATURAL play makeup, face paint and non toxic nail polish. Nasty free so they can go face painting crazy without all the chemicals.
This "Natural Shimmer Stack" which contains 2 x natural body shimmers and 1 x natural lip shine is just gorgeous and would be a perfect little stocking stuffer. Fabulous extensive range. 
Buy online or checkout the retailers on the website. 

I won one of these and i love it. 

Everyone always comments on it and i enjoy wearing it, its so versatile. Dress up or casual, necklace or bracelet such a handy accessory to have.
Different lengths and metals/colours  to choose from. 
Free postage within Australia and $1 from every sale goes to Breast Cancer Research.
A lovely gift and you'll have to buy one for yourself.

Mi Amor is Spanish for my love and that is what you receive when you purchase a 100% Soy candle made in Australia.  The range is made with highest quality essential oils and the wicks are cotton making the candle 100% biodegradable. 
The range has some wonderful jars and bottles and there is an enticing fragrance list to choose from.  There is also melts and a childrens range which i think look interesting.

Happy Shopping and wishing all the businesses a very successful season 

Linking up all over the place this week so we can spread as much love as possible :)

Have you been following our Christmas music posts on Fridays ?  Here is last weeks