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Friday, November 1, 2013

Cable Knits and Bad Perms - lots of them

Christmas Songs the ones everyone should know

Lets have a little fun :)

From now till Christmas each week I am going to share some Christmas Songs that I think everyone should know.

Why?  Why not!    No real reason just some are so great and some so bad and some are just hilarious!

I'll include some fun and fascinating trivia (that you just wont want to miss) and maybe a little story of my own.

I would really really love for you to get into this with me -  bop a little, maybe sing a tune and share some stories with me :) 

This week we're sleigh sliding into 1984 with WAHM!  

WAHM's  Wake Me Up Before You Go Go spent 7 weeks at number 1 in the Australian Top 40 in 1984 and George Michael was there for another 4 weeks at number 1 with Careless Whispers.  

This however was a bad year to release a Christmas Song because it was the same year as 
"Do They Know Its Christmas" by Band-Aid which spent 4 weeks at number 1 in Australia in January 1985. 
This song did make it to Number 2 in the UK behind Band-aid of course.
WAHM did donate the royalties from the song to the Ethiopian famine charity which was 250,000 pounds!

Lots of cable knits and perms!  
Its a break up song with lots of 80's clothes and hair do's

Looking back at your Christmas's past -  What is your best/worst Christmas fashion or hairstyle story that we just must know about ?  
Doesn't have to be you 

 Come on surely Nan knitted something ridiculous one year ?
Maybe someone wore something a little inappropriate to a work function ???

Its Friday and FYBF is on over at With Some Grace 
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  1. Replies
    1. patience patience i have a loooong list

  2. One Christmas my Grandmother gave my sister an I matching corduroy pinafores. Mine was dark bottle green and my sisters purple! We only wore them when we visited :)

    1. oooh lovely :) i bet you both looked so smart in your matching outfits!

  3. I LOVE Wham's last Christmas!!! It is my all time favorite Christmas song - no wait - actually my only favorite Christmas song! (I am a Christmas grinch - but that is another story :-))


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