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Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Gravy with White Wine and Kangaroos

Christmas Songs that everyone should know

Week Four
Its time for some Australian Chrissy songs

They dont get a lot of global play but we do have a few Aussie Christmas songs. 
There is some "Crusty the Swagman" and "Prawns on the Barbie" kind of songs but they're not REAL songs. 
Yes i knowthe guys in skivvies did a couple too.

Heres a few I love and think everyone should know them.

Song One:
Tim Minchin - White Wine In The Sun

Originally"White Wine In The Sun" appears in the 2008 album"Ready for This?".
The song was released in December 2009 as a downloadable single online, as part of a campaign to get it into the UK Christmas Charts.  Although it was unsuccessful he did donate 50% of the December profits of the sales to the National Autistic Society.

I love the part of his song telling his baby girl that if she finds herself nine thousand miles from home at Christmas when she is twenty one or thirty one that the family will be home waiting for her.   

He's a little too alternative for me mostly but some of his work i love and this song is one of them.

Song two:
Paul Kelly - Who's going to make the Gravy

'Song of the Year' nomination at the APRA  music awards in 1998 and Paul Kelly sang the song at the 2012 AFL Grand Finals.  
He had been asked to contribute to a Charity music album and decided to have a go at writing one.  He was inspired by Irving Berlin's White Christmas (covered in week 2 of our Christmas songs).

Its about a prisoner writing to his brother and lamenting on missing Christmas with the family this year.

The recipe for the Gravy is apparently true, Kelly got it from his first father in law. 

Its pretty Australian huh?

Song Three:
Rolf Harris - Six White Boomers

Now we are talking Christmas songs and not the current alleged criminal status of the artist. 
So What is not to love about this?  
Poor Joey loses his Mummy (probably wasn't listening and doing as he was told I'd say)   but good old Santa takes him in his Sleigh a to find her.
What do you know there are White Kangaroos pulling the sleigh. Now i had assumed that they were white because they had covered themselves in Zinc cream so they don't get burnt out in the "blazing sun" but apparently there is a reason they are white.  Mr Harris wrote the "Six White Boomer's" song because even though he grew up in Perth everyone always sang Christmas songs with snow in them hence they are white -kinda having a bit of a go.  
There is also six not twelve pulling the sleigh because he believes that one big male Boomer is stronger than two Reindeer's. Fair call.
It all works out ok they find little Joey's Mumma and its all good.

Harris actually topped the UK Christmas Charts for six weeks in 1969 with his recording of the "Two Little Boys" a song written about the American Civil War in 1902. It sold over a million copies and was awarded a gold disc.

Dedicated to my friend Bec who'll be more than 9000 miles from home this Christmas xxx

Have you been away from home for Christmas ?

From now till Christmas each week we are sharing Christmas Songs that i think everyone should know.
Why? Why not! No real reason just some are so great and some so bad and some are just hilarious!
I'll include some fun and fascinating trivia (that you just wont want to miss) and maybe a little story of my own.
I would really really love for you to get into this with me - maybe sing a tune and share some stories with us :)


  1. This was great. I have never heard any of these! How bad is that XX

    1. reeaaaaaally wow bec thats terrible lol lucky i'm here to rescue you xx

  2. Nope we are always at home for Christmas with the family.

  3. We are home this year but away every second year. I love both! Love the Paul Kelly song

    1. Who doesnt love Paul Kelly huh. Yes Christmas home is always good and so is taking the mess to someone elses house :) xx

  4. I am hosting Christmas this year and the family is coming over. One year my parents were overseas for Christmas and I told them not to do that again!

  5. We do every second Christmas in New Zealand but this year we are home and the relos are coming to us! :-) Sorry Bel I am like Bec Mugridge and haven't heard any of these either! Oh the shame of being a Christmas grinch!

    1. I still have a few weeks left to make your heart just that little bit bigger :)

  6. We are having Christmas at home this year, and I love it! I love being in my own kitchen, and the kids love staying home to play with their Christmas gifts all day. Tim Minchin and Paul Kelly are pretty good, eh?

    1. They are indeed. Yes there is big plus's to staying home. although i never get to be alone in the kitchen! :) enjoy love

  7. What about "Mental As Anything" Xmas song "Apolcalypso"


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