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Monday, September 30, 2013

Lemon and Chia Seed Muffins

Lemon and Chia Seed Muffins these are so delish you wont want to share!

½ Cup Castor Sugar
¾ Cup Desiccated Coconut
2 Cups Self Raising flour
½ teaspoon Baking Powder
100g melted Butter
1 1/3 cup Milk
1 egg
1 Zest of 1 lemon
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
2 Teaspoon Chia Seeds

Start with a large bowl and mix together Sugar, Coconut, Flour and Baking Powder.

In a small bowl (I use a jug) mix together your milk and egg then add your butter.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix well.

Fold in the Vanilla, Lemon Zest and Chia Seeds.

Spoon into a greased or sprayed Mini Muffin tin about ¾ full in each one. I use patty papers so they are easily removed and a bit stronger for the lunch boxes.

175 degrees Celsius fan forced for approx. 15 -20 mins or just until the start changing colour on edges.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dinosaurs Garden - Fun Holiday Activity

Looking for something fun to do one day my five year old loved making this and still months later goes out and plays with it.  Most of the plants survived being moved around a few times and are starting to sprout and grow. Everyone who visits seems to like it and can't help themselves and move a dinosaur around. 

You'll need :

  • A base.  we used the largest flower pot base we could find and then just drilled a couple of holes in it.  You could use any sort of plastic storage container, litter box, baking tray. 

  • Potting mix or soil. 

  • Environment items like rocks and we used an old branch broken up. We also used a smaller flower pot saucer for a lake.

  • Plants.  Succulents are best as they don't really mind being snapped off and planted somewhere else.  We had a variety at our place already but if you don't maybe a neighbour wouldn't mind you having a piece of theirs? 

  • Some dinosaurs we had a collection already but you can buy small packs of dinosaurs from most department stores or variety stores.   You don't need to use dinosaurs how about fairies, Lego men or army men.  Any of those little figurine type things. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Digital Parents Blog Carnival - September 2013 Edition

Everyone loves a Carnival!  Have you ever been to a Blogger one ?!  

We are hosting the September Blog Carnival for Digital Parents. Where Bloggers contribute their Post of Choice from the month of August.

Before you disappear completely into September with its Springtime, Sun and Spring Cleaning.  Grab a Tea, Coffee or Fairy Floss whichever your Carnival Preference and enjoy a read of some fabulous Blog Posts and discover some great Blogs.

Share them some love - a "like", a nice comment or some following action would surely make their Carnival trip the best ever.  

Emily from "You learn something new every day" 
Article:  "Literally' isn't dead, literally or figuratively". Literally doesn't have a 'new' meaning. It's had this meaning for a while, and the dictionary is simply catching up to common use and understanding. LITERALLY.
You can find Emily also on Twitter & Facebook 

Emma from "Five Degrees of Chaos"
Article: Perfect Doesn't Live Here. "Besides, if I beat myself up over every mistake I’ve ever made as a parent, every time I’ve felt like a failure, I’d never have time to enjoy the cool stuff, to revel in the joy of being a parent. "
You can find Emma also on Twitter & Facebook 

Emily from Mama Going Solo
Article:My Budgeting Blues .A good hard look at my spending habits acts as a long-overdue wake up call to take action against my burgeoning debt and my dwindling sanity. Time to stop living in the past and start saving for a new future.
You can find Emily also on Twitter & Facebook

Jane from The Hesitant Housewife  
Article:Abuse Doesn't Always Leave A Mark. A post about the emotional/verbal abuse I suffered in my first marriage, and how I wasn't aware I had been a victim of abuse until after it ended.
You can also find Jane on Twitter & Facebook

Lisa from Life as we know it Article:Mood Board Monday . Launching Mood Board Monday...a new weekly blog link...new prompts every week!
You can also find Lisa on Twitter & Facebook

Lisa from The Last Degree
Article: Lisa Devereaux interviews Franco Gonzalez on what his unique selling proposition. A question I was eager to ask all the great Internet Marketers while in Denver was what is your Define Your Unique Selling Proposition and how do you differentiate yourself.
You can also find Lisa on Twitter & 

Brenda from Brenda Janschek Health & LifestyleArticle: My Little Chefs. My kids, 7 & 9 show their dad how it's done in the kitchen : )
You can also find Brenda on Twitter & 

Joanne from Poppies for Me
Article: Love thy neighbour {and your underpants}  . A story about the generosity of our neighbour and my new underpants.
You can also find Joanne on Twitter

Alisha from Naughty Naturopath Mum Article: A weight off my mind.   A coming clean blog post of how I feel about the touchy subject matter of weight.
You can also find Alisha on 

Alicia from MummaLish
Article: Influence. Even though we may not be actively teaching our children the ins and outs of daily life, they are still watching, observing and learning.
You can also find Alicia on Twitter & Facebook

Carly from Carly Findlay
Article: Experiences relayed from patient to parent. Meeting a baby with ichthyosis and telling her mum that things will be ok.
You can also find Carly on Twitter  & Facebook 

Lara from This Charming Mum 
Article: A very fishy tale. My kids REALLY want a goldfish in a round bowl, like Peppa’s pet Goldie, but owning a goldfish these days is a highly technical endeavour.
You can also find Lara on Twitter  & Facebook

Sarah from Just One More Chapter.
Article: Why can't I eat what I want. What springs to mind when a news article tells me what not to eat. Ever.

Lisa from Button Brain
Article: How To IVF. IVF needs determination and a sense of humour. Here is my experience of the process in all its naked, awkward glory. In truth, it's not that bad... 
You can also find Lisa on Twitter & Facebook.

Pamela from Thyroid Living.
Article: One Decision I Wouldn't Change. This is about what I went through after being diagnosed with an over active thyroid, my treatment & dealing with falling pregnant after having treatment.
You can find Pamela on Twitter  & Facebook

Louisa from My Midlife Mayhem .
Article Horrible Homework . A post about the pain of helping kids, and in particular teenagers, with their homework. 
You can also find Louisa on Twitter and Facebook

Article Are your Ethics Elastic. Do your ethics change as the situation and facts change? An exploration of the ethics of nursing
You can also find Mark on Twitter 

Article: Book Week Lunchbox - Meg's Veg .Celebrating book week with a special Meg & Mog inspired bento lunchbox. Lunch fun for kids! 
You can also find Mel on Twitter and Facebook

Michaela from Not another slippery dip.
Article: Happy Birthday to me. A reflection and celebration of my blog's first birthday.
You can also find Michaela on Twitter and Facebook.

Article: Life Behind the Thin Blue Line . Some of the pros and cons of being a SAHM and married to a boy in blue in some small WA country towns. Its not all bad :)
You can also find Lisa on Facebook

Katie from Mumabytes 
Article: Gingerbread and Courage. Conversations with toddlers can be very interesting! This post is about a coffee date with my daughter, aged three. 
You can also find Katie on Twitter and Facebook.

Kate from KCMS Family 
Article: Reusing Tins.  Lots of ways to help you reuse all the tins you collect in your home.
You can find Kate on Facebook

Carolyn from Champagne Cartel 
Article:Not the biggest loser .Champagne Gillian talks about battles with her weight since she had children, and finding the balance between being happy with herself and modelling a healthy relationship with food for her children.
You can find Carolyn on Twitter and Facebook

Shelley from Money Mummy
Article:5 Financial Tips You Should Know Now You’re a Parent  .Parenthood changes everything! From your social life to your ability to go to the bathroom in peace. It especially changes your finances. Here are five financial tips you really need to know now you're a parent.  
You can find Shelley on Twitter and Facebook

Muvva from Muvva 
Article: Keeping up with the Joneses .
This post is about comparing yourself to other Mums.

Lynda from www.allaboutmama.com.
Article: Protecting your children's innocence.  It’s not easy in this fast paced, modern, everything in your face, nothing hidden world to protect and cherish our children’s innocence.  However, I’m determined to do everything I can to maintain that of my children’s. 

Article: Riddle Me This? 10 puzzling dilemmas of my Universe...
You can find Lydia on Twitter

Jacqui from The Urban Ma
Article: How the new Trailer Park at Village hits all the spots!  With the warmer months settling in, Melbourne's food truck scene has never been hotter! Kid-friendly and so tasty, Trailer Park at the Village is a must-do for families!
You can find Jacqui on Twitter and Facebook

Rebecca from The Plumbette
Article: A Successful Work Day . I am back to work in my family plumbing business and I had a successful day back on the tools and my 5 month old daughter had a great day with her grandma.
You can find Rebecca on Twitter and Facebook

Linda from Mums on the Go
Article: Can I still climb mountains? . Before we had children, my husband and did a lot of travel and did a lot of multi-day trekking .Fast forward to today ... we have a 5 year old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old. We are the most unfit we have ever been in our lives. On September 24th we will be climbing Mount Kinabalu (4100m) in Borneo. Can I still climb mountains?
You can find Linda on Twitter and Facebook

Neets from Fit Mother Hubbard
Article: 5 Useful Tips To Keep Calm and Carry On.  When life gets tough as it sometimes does, find ways to overcome the tough times, keep calm and carry on.
You can find Neets on Twitter and Facebook

Lucy from Bake Play Smile
Article: Insanely Rich Triple Chocolate Cherry Ripe Mud Cupcakes. I am a total and utter chocoholic... but even I admit that I may have gone too far with these triple chocolate Cherry Ripe mud cupcakes!
You can find Lucy on Twitter and Facebook

Kristyn from MummyK 
Article: Let's talk about the weight thing MummyK is slowly conquering the battle of the bulge one kilo at a time. It's slow but not really as hard as initially thought. Here's how she does it.
You can find Kristyn on Twitter and Facebook

Michelle from Pinky Poinker 
Article: What the hell are they teaching kids these days?  Teenagers and homework! a humorous view of the trials and tribulations of navigating our way through the horrendous task of helping kids through their assignments. 
You can find Michelle on Twitter and Facebook

Melissa from Honey Bee Books 
Article: 6 Tips for Hosting a Children's Book Swap Party  A children's book swap party is a fun way to encourage a love of reading. Here are 6 tips for hosting your own book swap party.
You can find Melissa on Twitter and Facebook

Article: Stick Crafts for Kids: Stick man . Craft No. 10 in the 30 days of Nature Crafts hosted on my blog in August. Easy and mostly free crafts for mamas and kids. School holiday fun?
You can find Amber on Twitter and Facebook

Maddie from Gammon & Chips
Article: Our festivacation: Beautiful Days festival.  Part 1 of our 'festivacation' to Beautiful Days festival in Devon, UK. Read to find out exactly what I've coined as a 'festivacation'!
You can find Maddie on Twitter and Facebook

SheridanR from  Me and My Ready Made Family
Article: Our Budget and Family Binder.  A brief overview of how I revamped my Budget and Family Binder, and some of the printables I created to help me.
You can find SheridanR on Twitter and Facebook

Nathalie from Home Sweet Kitchen and Garden
Article: Detrimental. So when is our perfectionism detrimental? When our desire to showcase our lives as being picture perfect taking over our lives?
You can find Nathalie on Facebook

Nikki fromThe Kids Menu
Article: Fit Kids Nutrition: feeding, fueling and Cooling. All the info on nutrient and energy requirements for junior sports stars, which fluids are best for hydration, and appropriate timing of meals and snacks for health and sports performance. 
You can find Nikki on Twitter and Facebook

Robyn from Mrs D plus 3
Article: Oh hey! I'm just being 1.  My littlest girl is well into being 'one' and I'm soaking it up before it's gone forever!! What's your favourite kids age?
You can find Mrs D on Twitter and Facebook

Jasmine from indiemama
Article: Sydney Gluten Free Expo 2013. A review of this year's gluten free expo with pictures. If you are on a gluten free diet, or ever have to feed someone who it. you need to read this. Especially if you miss croissants or love baking!
You can find Jasmine on Twitter and Facebook

Sophie from The Mother Load (Australia) 
Article: The Beat Goes On - The Ultimate Gift Of Life A brief post on the notion of organ donation, following the passing of a relative.
You can find Sophie on Twitter and Facebook

Article: Do you have a good body image? .  I am working on my body image, do you have a good one?
You can find Sam on Twitter and Facebook

Melissa from Two Little Humans and Me  
Article: When Denim is no longer Denim . I had to suffer the ordeal of searching for a new pair of jeans... this is pretty much my experience and not a happy one!
You can find Melissa on Twitter and Facebook

Amanda from Cooker and a Looker 
Article: seven tips for cooking for the bereaved .  Everyone reacts differently to grief, sometimes with polar opposite reactions. Seven tips to consider if you're going to cook for a bereaved family. 
You can find Amanda on Twitter and Facebook

CJ from 10% Inspired 
Article: Sexy is in the Self Confidence
Fashion isn't for the thin, it's for the fabulous! This is a call to action, a rallying cry. Whatever your quirk, your style, your idiosyncratic signature, or whatever you WISH it was, OWN it. Be bold, be brave, be the youest you you can imagine!
You can find CJ on Twitter and Facebook

Mirella from Education Equals
Article: The Secret to Your Child's Happiness at School. If we understand the theories behind achieving true and long lasting happiness then we can understand how our children can achieve happiness at school. This post does just that!
You can find Mirella on Twitter and Facebook

Jeanie from Jeanie in Paradise 
Article: The Liquor Cabinet  . A post in which a geographical feature is rearranged to the tune of a trip down memory lane. Complete with pictures. 
You can find Jeanie on Twitter and Facebook

Kate from Meetoo 
Article: TOP 10 TIPS FOR A FUN DAY OUT WITH THE KIDS .  Heading out with kids? Here are my top 10 tips on how to make the most of an excursion.
You can find Kate on Twitter and Facebook

Daniela from Cakes and Capers 
Article: Most Perfect Butter Cake  Recipe for an easy Butter Cake with glimpses into my family life growing up.
You can find Daniela on Twitter and Facebook

Stephanie from stephsjoy 
Article: Inspiration comes  Where do I draw inspiration from? How does one foster creativity?
You can find Stephanie on Twitter

Jodie from Parent Wellbeing
Article: What do you really want for your kids? .  We recently asked our Facebook community 'what do you really want for your kids?' See what the top seven responses were.
You can find Jodie on Twitter and Facebook

Danya Banya from Danya Banya
Article: Painting with Nature (and a Peg).   Painting with everything except a brush! A little art activity with my 3 year old, that ends up delightfully messy. 
You can find Danya Banya on Twitter and Facebook

Article: The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants. Is it ok to follow your heart when you are married? What if the grass looks greener elsewhere? How to help a marriage stand the test of time.
You can find Lisa on Twitter and Facebook

If you are a Blogger and not part of Digital Parents go have a look, its a great resource and group. 

Thank you to the participating Bloggers, lovely to see and for some meet you :)

Have a great September! 

Bel & Nic xx

Friday, September 6, 2013

Tuna and Cauliflower Burgers

Tuna & Cauliflower Burgers

Really tasty lighter style burger pattie which is also awesome on its own.  


300g Cauliflower
100g Broccoli
425g Tin of Tuna
1Tblsp Mint
1 Tblsp Chives
1 Tblsp Chia seeds
2 Eggs
2 Tblsp Wholemeal Flour


Open and Drain your Tuna then leave to drain out some more.

Grate your Cauliflower and Broccoli (i grate in the stems if they go through easy if too hard just discard)

Roughly chop your Mint and Chives (i just use scissors)

In a large bowl lightly whisk up your eggs.

Mix in your Cauliflower, Broccoli, Chives & Mint.

Flake in your Tuna and then add your Flour and Chia seeds.

Now use your hands and give it a good mix and then leave to rest whilst you set up you plate or pan.

I usually fry these in some Sunflower oil in the fry pan or just with an oil spray on the BBQ plate.

Serve them as burger patties on a Bun with Salad or they also make a great lunchtime snack.

I've drowned mine here in Chilli Sauce you dont need to do that but its good :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cauliflower Patties - Yummy , Easy and Full of Goodness

Cauliflower Patties

200g Cauliflower
1 Egg
50g grated cheese
1 Tbls Wholemeal Flour
1 Tbls Chia Seeds
1 Tbls Tarragon


Grate your Cauliflower. (I use as much stalk as will easily be grated if it gets woody just discard)

Roughly chop the Tarragon.

In a large bowl lightly whisk your egg.

Add your Cauliflower, grated Cheese and Chia seeds.

Stir in the Wholemeal Flour and Tarragon.

Leave your mixture to rest whilst you prepare your pan.
I lightly fry these in Sunflower oil over medium high heat. leave on one side for few minutes before turning. If its sticking just leave another twenty seconds and try again.

Rest on paper towel and season before serving.

These are really tasty served as a side or as a main with vegetables and salad

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