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Top Ten Lists For Everything

Top Ten Lists For  Everything - Sharing the Love 
AKA - Stuff we've learned

We all have ways of doing things and have handy time saving or good ideas on things so we are compiling a list of top tips for all sorts of different categories. 
If you've got a tip or two please share it with us.

  1. Sleep when your baby sleeps. You need to rest too.
  2. Get a Dustbuster or small handheld vacuum. so handy for the endless stuff on the floor. 
  3. Baby wipes can do nearly everything!  see baby wipes top ten list.
  4. Clip fingernails when baby is sleeping.
  5. We all have shockers of days, Its ok. Start again tomorrow

  6. Frozen peas are such a fun and nutritious snack. A few in a bowl can entertain for ages. help on the teething gums too.
  7. Do the clothes washing in the evening and hang it out at night. If you're lucky clothes will be dry in morning (or before lunch) saving you time during the day.


    1. I wipe the handle on shopping trolleys! (OCD i know but they're gross)
    2. Good for removing Temporary Tattoos (baby oil does this too)
    3.  I keep them in the car they're handy for the dashboard, and seats. whatever needs a quick wipe.
    4. Great for wiping down hard board books. 
    5. Cleans washable texta's from bodies and some furniture and walls.
    6. Great for cleaning DVD's & CD's. Move from inside to outwards (not in a circle).
    7. They clean new marks & spills off my lounge.
    8. I also use them as a makeup remover. lets face it i'm over tired and over the whole three stage cleansing.  

    1. I bought a $3 shoe holder that hangs on the back of a door to hold the millions of cables and USB sticks and little computer stuff that is taking over my house - Brilliant. You could also use it for toys, stationery, baby hats, socks and bibs.


    1. You can cut up some vegies and freeze them in zip lock bags so you only use what you need eg.Shallots 
    2. I buy Mince in bulk then portion it out into freezer bags and roll it flat. Takes no time to defrost and lays flat in the freezer on the shelf saving heaps of room.
    3. When freezing bananas squish them out flat before you put them in. When you go to use them they take no time at all to defrost and pretty much mashed.
    4. I use a  plastic container to hold the stuff for lunches.  In the mornings i just need to take out butter, spreads and the box which has the meats,cheeses and salad stuffs.

    1. After bathing throw the plastic toys in with some dettol. Keeps them clean.
    2. Play Dough can be re-moistened by putting some water on your hands and rubbing in well.
    3. Place a bed sheet down to play Lego on. Then you just tie it up when done.
    4. Texta Marker can be removed from most things including bodies and walls (but not clothes) with an alcohol based product like hand sanitiser or perfume. Also try baby wipes and make up remover.
    5. Temporary tattoos can be removed with baby oil.
    6. All the little bits of broken crayon can be put into a mini muffin tin and softened (not melted) in the oven till you have a nice rainbow crayon that toddlers can hold easily.
    7. We store all our board games, puzzles and activities with their instructions and pictures in large zip lock bags. Saves so much storage space, No tatty and worn boxes and you tend to lose less pieces. 
    8. Takeaway containers make great craft storage

    1. Vegemite worked wonders for one of my kids. The salt numbs the gums and the taste totally distracts from the teething pain.
    2. chewing on a damp face washer thats been in freezer for a few minutes

    1. Write a list prior to the holidays of all the things the kids can do to entertain themselves.    Eg: play a board game  jigsaw, play-doh, draw a picture, craft box, lego , tidy your room (worth a go), car race track, ride your bike, scooter, skateboard etc., make someone a card. There is so much for them to do if they have a list it keeps them busy for ages and stops them whinging at you. simply say - go check your list.
    2. Research all the local parks in your area. Make a list and then everyday go to a different park. Pretty much free entertainment. Take lunch and bikes or balls and go discovering.
    3. Have little projects ready to go.  I have large A4 snap seal bags that i put an activity in like: A treasure hunt of the back yard - i include a list of things to find, a pen and checklist.  Making a Birthday card for the next Grandparent birthday (doesnt matter if its well in advance)  include the card, special stickers, envelope and stamp.   
    4. Buy a kids magazine or a puzzle book. include a pencil and eraser.
    5. For younger ones i cut out some pictures from papers and magazines and include some card and a glue stick for making a collage.       
    6. Get them to rehearse and put on a show, a dance, a puppet show, a play. Something they need to play and rehearse on.  you can include props and dress ups.
    7. A drawing competition. This works better with older kids but great for a raining day. the pictures only need to be small. We roughly divide with a ruler an A4 sheet into 8 squares then each person takes turns to pick a topic eg. beach or icecream. and you have to draw a picture within two minutes on that topic then everyone judges and decides whos is best.  explain its about sharing and encouraging and looking at how everyone sees things differently.  We've done this so many times now and its never ended in fights or anyone disappointed its great quiet entertainment. 


    1. Love this! I think it's so good to write these things down when you're in it. Then you never forget!



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