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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Craft -Really quick and simple crafts for kids

Cute Reindeers

These cute little guys can be made to hang as ornaments from your Christmas tree, stuck up on the wall with some blue tack to create a little reindeer family OR stuck onto wrapped Christmas presents as a nice extra decoration.

For each reindeer you’ll need: 3 x pop sticks (plain, coloured, short, long – any kind you like!)
2 x googly eyes
1 x small pompom ball
1 x pipe cleaner
craft glue 

1.Glue two pop sticks together to make a ‘V’ shape.
2.Glue the googly eyes half way up each pop stick.
3.Curl the pipe cleaner around and around the centre of the third pop stick then bend the two ends of the pip cleaner to look like antlers.
4.Glue the third piece on, placing it above the eyes.
5.Glue the pompom ball to the bottom of the V to make a nose and leave it all to dry.

I showed Miss Two how to make the first reindeer, and then let her glue and stick all the other reindeer's together (with my guidance). She loved picking her own colours and being in charge of creating her reindeer's.
While she was busy picking and gluing the eyes on, I made the antlers as they were a little too difficult.

Tips: You can glue the pop sticks in advance if you have young children or if you’re unable to leave them in their position to dry.

Christmas Wands

These wands are the perfect accessory for your little ones Christmas costume, as the star on the top of your Christmas tree OR the kids can play with them as a magic Christmas wand.
For each wand you’ll need:
1 x polystyrene foam star (I got a mixed pack of 6 from Kmart for $3)
1 x stick
red paint

1.Poke a hole in the foam star with the stick.
2.Put a bit of glue on the hole. Position your ribbon over the tip of the stick and push it back into the same hole. This is to keep the stick stable and secure the ribbon.
3.Let your child paint the star all over, turning it over to paint both sides.

4.Give them some glitter to sprinkle over their freshly painted star and then leave it to dry.

This has by far been the best Christmas craft I’ve made with Miss Two. It’s very quick easy to make and they look great. Best of all she loved making it and loves playing with it.
You can also to this idea with almost any foam shape you like, just add ribbon and paint!

Reindeer Muesli/Chocolate bars

My kids loved making these. 

You just need coloured Christmas paper, tape, pipecleaners, eyes, pom poms and glue and something to wrap. we used snack bars but you could use any tubular or rectangle packaged gift.

1. Wrap your item in the coloured paper like a present and tape together
2. Cut the pipe cleaner in half and tape to the back.
3. Glue the eyes and nose on.

Great little gift for classmates or friends.


Other than getting the kids footprints in paint these are so easy and so cute.

Once you have your footprints and they have glue them to some thicker card of a different colour. It makes them stand out and makes them last a little longer.

Pop a hole in the top and thread a string or ribbon through the top. We used a pipecleaner. 

Tie a prettybow and glue or staple it to the top and its done! 

Do you make Christmas craft with your little one?

The Multitasking Mummy

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  1. Clever ideas, I love the paddle pop reindeer. We made foam trees last year. I might have a crack at the mistletoe too!!

    1. You're quick this morning Ann :) I closed all the doors on the hallway. ran a bath and lined the hallway with big sheets of paper. Got them to walk up the hall and then straight in the bath. Still managed to get everything else in the paint and up and down the walls. Next time i'll wait for a sunny day and do it outside! xx

  2. These Xmas craft ideas are delightful! My own kids are too big but I'm thinking my niece...Thanks :)

    1. Have a Christmas craft date :) its good fun xx
      Thanks for stopping by

  3. Loving the reindeers! I think we could make them!

    1. They are cute. Yes and i think you're little Miss M would love some Mistletoes too ;)

  4. My kiddies have been busy crafting the past two mornings before school - with pipe cleaners, balls and pop sticks, I'm going to print this out and they can make these tomorrow, unsupervised of course because otherwise I'll interfere and ruin their creative process! Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    1. You shoulda seen some of the photos i didn't include! Green paint before school probably isnt the best, keep that one for when its just you and the little fella. Thanks Mrs Smithy x

  5. Such creative and fun ideas! I love the mistletoes!!

    1. I thought they were funny. Hubby not so much and he didnt even see the green paint all over the house :) thanks for stopping by

  6. Generally I don't do much craft with the kids as I put it in the too hard basket but you have just made it look so easy I might just give one or two of these a go.

    Thanks for sharing

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

    1. Ohhh tis the season love! get the gear out and close your eyes it will be fine lol xx

  7. Such clever ideas! I am always on the lookout for new Christmas craft ideas to do with my class and these are fantastic! Can't believe Christmas is just over a month away! :-) Lucy from Bake Play Smile

  8. They are all awesome ideas for christmas! We have stuff all on our christmas tree this year, mainly because the girls destroyed most of it last year. Those reindeers look so bloody cute, and everyone is coming for xmas lunch so I wanted the tree to look half decent, we might make them! I was thinking of something homemade too :) Thanks :)

  9. Oh awesome ideas! My three year old would love to make the star wands! I'll have to check out Kmart

  10. Great ideas. I can't wait until my baby girl is old enough to do craft.

    1. Its pretty good fun Toni i hope she loves it as much as mine. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Isn't it amazing what you can make for Christmas with such simple products! I just made an advent calendar from toilet paper rolls! I love being thrifty. Thanks for linking up x

    1. I know! you can make anything with anything. who'd a thought an advent calendar with toilet rolls lol. Thanks for coming by xx

  12. These are great ideas, I love the reindeers!

    1. Thank you, They are cute huh and thanks for visiting again :) x


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