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Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Nut Roast - Vegetarian Main Dish

written by: Bel
 A Christmas Nut Roast is hard to find.   
I'd never really seen a Nut Roast let alone tasted one till last week.

A good challenge thanks Declutterbug Versus Captain Stingy Pants!  
I looked in all the latest Christmas mags for a good Vegie. main for Christmas and was a little disappointed with what was on offer.  Lots of dishes but not what I'd call a main - like a Turkey.

Then googling around i found Green Gourmet Giraffe  who has lots and lots of Nut Roasts on her Blog all of which looked pretty good and i learnt probably the most here.  

I decided to make my own. 
Seen as i was doing that I'd make it Wheat, Dairy and Egg FREE to look after one of my BBF's .   
I also wanted it to slice without crumbling and be Christmassy.

I was really really happy with the end result.   
Its a little red and green and really tasty and i think it will suit the Declutterbug for her Christmas.

400g Walnuts
2 tbsp Olive Oil
2 tbsp Chopped Garlic
250g Cashews
1 cup Potato mashed
250g Frozen Chopped Spinach
1 cup Peas
1/3 bunch Basil
1 Red Capsicum

Preheat oven 180 degrees Celsius. Line a large loaf tin with baking paper.

Defrost and cook your frozen chopped spinach in saucepan until all thawed then squeeze out moisture and drain really well. Leave in strainer whilst you make the rest below.
You can use fresh i just prefer the less mucking around.

Slice the capsicum thickly and cook in fry pan with little cooking spray till malleable.

Lay on bottom of a baking paper lined loaf tin with skin side down.  Then add a few large basil leaves. This just adds to the colour when you take it out.

In a processor chop up well all 400g of walnuts add 2 tbsp of Olive Oil.
Pending on the size of your mixer you might need to transfer to a large bowl.

Then add your cashews whole, garlic (you can use the jar stuff no worries)  and mashed potato mix up well.
(i made my mash with 2 potatoes and 2 tbs water)

Press about a 1/3rd of the walnut mixture into loaf tin on top of capsicum and whole basil leaves.  I used my hands it was much easier.  Press it down tight.

In the processor again put the 1 cup of peas and 1/3 bunch of basil leaves mush them up well and put into a bowl.  Give the spinach a good last squeeze to get rid of any excess water and add to peas and basil. Mix it together well.

Layer it down on top of the walnut mixture and press down well.

I added a little salt and pepper here.

Then put the remaining Walnut on top and press down firmly.

Cover with foil and bake in oven for 45mins and then remove foil and cook for further 15mins.

Rest in tin for about 10mins and then cover with plate and tip up and over so its right side up. Remove tin and paper.   Viola!

Slice into wedges and serve with salad, vegies whatever you like.   

Stole another idea from Green Gourmet Giraffe  and mixed some mashed potato with chives and Parmesan and filled the star cookie cutters. Then baked them for about 10 mins.  I'll have to have another go at that as they weren't nearly as good as Johanna the Green Gourmet's 

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