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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pizza Homemade Recipes

Written by : Bel

Pizza is a winner in our house.  We eat it quite often.

Get the kids involved. 
Its not as messy as you think. Let them make their own flavour combinations. 
Its fun and its a good way for them to try new foods.

Here is how we do it

1kg  Greek Style Natural Yoghurt (i usually get the less fat one)
4 cups Plain Flour
plus have an extra cup on hand for rolling and sometimes mine needs a bit more i think because of the variables in the yoghurt
2 teaspoons  Ground Paprika mild
(optional just gives the base a little more flavour you could use another spice or herb if preferred)

I dont usually add salt to the base because i have meats and cheeses that have salt in them so i dont think we need the extra.  But you can :)

This base doesnt need time to rise as it doesnt have yeast. If you make it in advance keep it in the fridge but it will be sooooo much easier to work with and roll out when it is at room temperature so dont forget to take it out with enough time.

I make my dough into serving size weights balls first then i know they'll all be even sized pizzas.
I go on about 320g
(this is a hand felt measure from years of experience not on scales but its pretty close )

This dough will give you 6-7, "medium" 20cm diameter really thin bases. So you can make them thicker if you want you'll just get less of them.

Pizza Sauce
250ml Passata. (If you can only find large bottles seperate it evenly into zip lock bags and freeze.)
2 Tblsp Tomato Paste
1 Tblsp Dried Oregano 
(I dry and crush my own but you can use the jars no probs.)
1 Tblsp Crushed Garlic (I use the jar stuff )

I love to experiment with the toppings.
I have a great Deli near by and i try anything Charlie the Deli man suggests to me :)
Here's some of our regular pizzas :

Salami, Finely sliced Spanish Onion, Chopped tomato & Fetta

Potato (as thin as possible) with Primma Donna or Parmesan

Mortadella Mel de Olise (olives) and Egg. Just one egg whisked and poured over grated tasty.

 Sliced Tomato, Halloumi and Mint (my favourite)

Hot Salami, cooked beef mince, chopped tomato and fetta. 

Potato, a little grated zucchini, garlic and panchetta

Ham, egg & grated zucchini

Anchovies, sopressa and tomato

Ham, salami, capsicum, mushroom and onion

Metwhurst, mushrooms and spanish onion

Ham, capsicum, mushroom and anchovies

My general layering works for overall even cooking these are just the way we do it i learnt this from when i made pizzas as a second job for many fun years.

1. sauce all the way to the edge.
2. cheese on first
3. meats
4. mushrooms
5. all other toppings
6 only a little cheese on top

If using potato slice with a mandolin or really really thin. dont overlap.

make sure everything is cut evenly.

Less is more :)   If you put too many toppings the base may not cook and it'll be too heavy to pick up to eat.

If you're bases are thick put them in the oven a few mins to start cooking before you put toppings on them.

If you pull your pizza out and the base hasn't cooked enough but the top is done i have a couple of times put the tray straight on a hotplate on the stove.  This will cook really fast so don't take your eyes off it.

If i'm making alot and i only have four trays i put the pizzas on baking paper then i can slide them on and off trays and onto cutting boards and plates with ease.

Happy Pizza Making


  1. Yum, I love how easy your base is!! Might have to give this a go in the cooler weather!!

  2. I had no idea you could do a dough with yoghurt, that's quite something. And much quicker too, if I miss the dough making timeslot on a Saturday, I usually give up... Interesting

  3. yeah there is quite a few pastry kinda things like this. Its really good give it a go much easier than the ol' style. I think i found it in a old magazine like ten years ago gourmet traveller or something and they made a fold over pastie like thing which was great but i thought it tasted like pizza :) x

  4. Thanks for these great tips. I think we'll have pizza for dinner !

  5. Can't wait to give this pizza recipe a try. I've been looking for a yeast free recipe. Thank you! :)

  6. Oh wow!! Don't your pizzas look just devine! I am definitely going to be trying your pizza dough recipe. Adding to my shopping list now :)

  7. Great post! I love the tip about having the pastry is the portion sizes! I ahve never though to do that and more than once ended up with different sizes!


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