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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1970's Cartoon 40th Party

Written by : Bel

A few weeks ago we had Hubby's 40th Birthday Party with a 1970's Cartoon theme.
Here's a couple of shots i took - wish i'd taken more.

Waiting patiently for Wonder Woman to wake up. 

I made a Candy cake kinda like the Candy Bar idea.  With 1970's lollies.
White Knights
Mint Patties
Wagon Wheels
Musk Sticks
Wizz Fizz
Musk Life Savers
Peppermint Life Savers
Choo Choo bars
Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs
Sherbet Fountains
Original Hubba Bubba
Mixed lollies - teeth, cola bottle etc.

I put mixed bowls of the lollies around the tables.

Candy Cake was easy I just wrapped and taped together three boxes and stuck the lollies on with folded sticky tape so you could easily pull them off.  I did find the wax coated lolly packets wouldnt stick but that didnt matter much.

I also had Red and Cola Sunny Boys. Which were of Hubby's favourite ice blocks from his school days. Triangular frozen glucose and colouring basically.

I just stuck to Red, Yellow, White and Blue Colours and tried to carry it through the party with decorations, Food napkins, plates, utensils etc, Blue and Yellow coloured Popcorn, Chocolate Crackles in Red, Blue and White Pattys with Red or Blue star on top.  Easiest colours to do.

The cake i was a bit disappointed with.  We had to go on an unplanned interstate visit the week before the party and got home two days before the party so i really didnt have time to alot of the decorations and food i wanted to. Honestly i didnt think i'd get to the cake at all but i did managed to whip up something and he was happy so thats the main thing.   The humidity on the night was awful and the characters kept losing their heads and by the end of the party they had pretty much melted.  Don't look closely at the photos you'll see my lack of time and rushing. :)

1970's Cartoon so i stayed with the theme and made Characters on top were Fred Flintstone, Roger Ramjet, Mighty Mouse and the Hulk holding the candles.  The sides were Superman and Flash Gordon. Batman and Marvin Martian. Scooby Doo Mystery Machine and The Archies.

Can't believe i didn't take a photo of my Chocolate Crackles they were so good.   No Copha. Just Rice bubbles, Desiccated Coconut and melted Chocolate.  With a Candy star on top.                

Joining in for Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys

My Little Drummer Boys


  1. Wow you are amazing!! That looks like an awesome party. I am in awe and jealous of your talents. What a fantastic party theme too!!

  2. That looks like a super fab party!

    Jos xx

  3. Looks so good! You're the wonder woman.

  4. oooo Roger Ramjet!!!! What a great idea!! Fabulous party decorations/lollies/cake!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! I love all those sweets.. and often hunt them down at the local lolly stores :P

  5. Awesome photos! They bring back memories!! What a fun party it must have been. I think the cake looks amazing...I could never do that!

  6. Roger Ramjet! I had forgotten all about him hahaha
    Looks like you made it really soecial XX

    1. we looked everywhere for a costume of Roger for Hubby but couldn't find one anywhere. Shame would have been cool.

  7. Ahh the memories and what a lot of effort you went to - the cake is great, you're too hard on yourself - it ROCKS!

  8. Hey, I remember all those cartoons and sweeties, I was there!!

  9. Wow - thats a huge effort. Wagon Wheels use to be my favourite treat as a child. I also remember when fads use to be fags and they had a red tip. Now I am showing my age.

  10. Totally loving that blue popcorn - what fun!

  11. What a great theme. Lollies for a 40th, love it! I LOVE the old Mint Patties. Yum, I want one now!


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