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Friday, April 5, 2013

Time Management - A work in progress

By Nic.

Time Management - A work in progress!

I never knew how truly valuable minutes of the day were until I felt they were running away from me. Things weren't getting done or going to plan.
Well this is what I have learnt so far:

Firstly, time management is something that is learned and unfortunately does take time to master and for this you will need patience and to be gentle on yourself.

When things started getting on top of me the first thing I did was jump on the computer (when the kids were in bed) and type up what happens in our day and what I would like to happen.
This is my guide for Monday to Friday routines for the day, for me and the kids. I typed it out and printed it up so I can refer to it whenever I need. I can also amend it easily as needed and we all know how quickly babies change their routines!

Now that I know my day, what is involved and where my windows of opportunities are I can plan my appointments better (so they don’t clash with nap times – sleep is my priority at the moment!) and add in the extra’s like: Get Licence renewed.
If you haven’t already got one, then get a planner/diary to write anything new down and have it with you always to refer to.
I love this planner at Kikki-k (it’s currently on sale! Click here to view!)

Each day I write a To Do List in my diary for the next day. This helps me a lot and even if something doesn’t get done I can just write it in the following day and on and on until it finally gets done.
Writing down everything that you know needs to get done. Everything from washing the dog, to checking the mail box. If your day is as busy and interrupted as mine then this will help. When I have a chance I cross the items that get done off, or sit down at the end of the day and mark off what’s been done. This gives me a sense of achievement and I can get organised for the next day.

To make up a routine like this you have to go with what usually happens and then tweak it to what you think should happen. In my case Mister 5 months was having lots of little short naps and this was becoming a problem. Also being so overwhelmed by the lack of time I kept forgetting things on outings. I needed a drastic change! 
Since typing up this routine a few weeks ago things have defiantly improved. 
Most days I don’t follow the routine exactly but having it as a guide helps me know what’s coming up next and where I have time to fit in jobs that have to be done.

Are you good with managing your time?

What works for you?

Nic x


  1. Some great tips there Nic :) I do start with a bit of a plan to my week but everything goes all over the place as the week unfolds , just need to keep it all in check.
    Have a lovely weekend x

    1. you too Sabeen. Thanks for visiting. So hard to keep it in check isnt it. xx

  2. Welcome to the blog nic, I think I largely wing it, but our routine is structured by existing appointments and the school day. Totally thrown by the holidays though. When the kids were little I was hugely routine based, especially when the twins came along, it was the only thing that worked for us. I had the routine printed and put on the kitchen wall so everyone knew what was happening

    1. Hi Victoria! and thank you for the welcome. i love your crafty things that you and your children get up to.
      You would have to be so much more in routine than me i imagine with twins. The washing must be endless :) Nicx

  3. I try to keep a schedule - appointment book, calender. It's tough though - I feel like mine is a complete work in progress! Baby steps!

    1. Hi Jessica, Yes i think it will always be a work in progress with kids things change so often.
      thanks for visiting. nic x

  4. You are right about time management being learned. Trouble is when you throw a computer into the mix, it just goes out the window for me.


    1. ha ha so true ... i need to amend my timetable. x

  5. Some great ideas! Since becoming a stay-at-home Mum 4 years ago, my time management skills are not as good as they used to be when I worked full-time. I really should write a daily "to do" list like you have suggested, so I can see what I have achieved for the day rather than constantly worry about needs to be done. Found you through FYBF :)

    1. makes you feel so good to cross something off. you could even add something to the list that you have just done to cross it off ;)
      Thanks for visiting Julie we just visited your page and thinking we should do a little more out of our comfort zone.
      x Nic

  6. What a brilliant method, I really need to get more organised like this. This is great - thank you!!

    1. Thank you Rebecca.
      Bel was telling me about you the other day i NEED to read your book :) x Nic

  7. Ohh! I have been thinking about my time management skills a bunch lately...they seem to be getting worse as my kids get older! I used to be much better about making that list, have to make it a priority again! Thanks for the reminder!


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