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Monday, June 3, 2013

Kaleidoscope - Easy Craft for Toddlers (and Parents)

Easy Craft for Toddlers (and Parents!)

Craft is something that children just love doing. It’s fun, challenging, and very rewarding for them. They get to see how something is made from start to finish and be proud knowing that they did it. I have found it a little hard to find activities where Miss 2 can do and make things without any help from me – so she can be 100% the artist who creates the master piece. She does do drawings and paintings but she does them almost every day and they are great but it’s good to have something new and different for her too.

One thing that I do well is hanging on to recyclable items with the hope of using them for some awesome craft project later on. My hubby might call it hoarding but I swear it’s not, I only keep the good stuff!

So this quick, easy and awesome project with Miss 2 was decorating her ‘magic’ kaleidoscope.

I had the inside cardboard roll from an old cling wrap, some clear contact, my little bag of bits (left over sequins and glitter that I shoved in a sandwich bag). Using a shallow baking tray I got Miss 2 to scatter the bits on the tray, she also placed some of them herself.

While she did that I wrapped the cardboard roll in clear contact (you can use coloured for this part if you have it) with the sticky side on the outside and trim off any overlapping the roll.

Secure the contact by folding it back on itself about (5cm) or if easier you could secure with sticky tape. As long as the sticky side of the contact is then  on the outside


When she was done with the bits I gave her the roll and told her to roll it back and forth in the tray so all the bit stick to it.

When she was finished rolling I wrapped the clear contact around it to seal it in. Then trimmed off the excess contact and there you go! They have their own personalised magic kaleidoscope to peek through.


Kaleidoscope - Easy Craft for Toddlers (and Parents)

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  1. This is so cute. I am definitely trying this with my 4 year old daughter, she is into all things sparkle.


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