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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Does he now ..... hmmm (thing hubby used to do)

So we all know how annoyingly frugal i am trying to be and really it is becoming such a personal challenge in everything i do.  It all adds up i keep telling myself and MRB when sniggers over me trying to save twenty cents on everything.

The other morning we'd decided to take the children to Canberra for the day we were meeting friends at ten am so it was an early start.  Its three hours from our place in Sydney to the science museum in Canberra.  I'd been up early, made and packed snacks and lunch for everyone but agreed to allow the purchasing of drinks because it was a special day.  I'd made the kids take water bottles anyhow hoping they'd forget buying one.

So 7.15am we pull into the service station around the corner to fill up for our drive.  MRB suggests i go in and order coffees and he'll fill up.  I order the large cap for him and a small skim flat for me (in turmoil with myself over the desperation for caffine and the cost compared to the machine i just left at home). When hes finished filling up MRB pulls the car into the first parking bay outside the shop to wait for me.

The girl brings the coffees to the counter puts them down and i say "Number 1 LPG as well thanks".  "Oh" she says and she turns and waves out the window to MRB who is waving back with a sheepish smile on his face 
"We know your husband very well" she says back to me
"Really" i say thinking well we do get fuel here probably three times a week.
"Yes he buys coffee here everyday" she smiles
"Does he now?" i smile back
"Yes hes our very good customer"

I exchange politeness as i quickly tally up all the bloody money spent on coffees a week here as well as the flashes of empty twisties packets, killer python bags and coke bottles that i have seen in the car or rubbish bins. 

"Very good customer honey?"  i say getting back in the car
"Well sometimes i buy coffee here on the way to work" he smiles and says as a five year old does when sprung doing something he shouldnt have been doing.
"Is that right?"  i say thinking of how we have just funded their new coffee machine and renovations.

Service station girl wasnt as friendly today when i went in to pay for my fuel.
I expect their coffee sales have dropped and killer pythons are in mass stocks this week.


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