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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yep thats my kid.

Does anyone else have those moments when all you can do is say "yeah he's mine" ?
Whether it be the kid testing the echo levels in the shopping centre, the six year old mooning the teachers on excursion (not the proudest parent moment) or the one who the night before his first preschool photos which also happen to be his first professional photos does this.

No it did not come off.  No soaking, hand sanitiser, baby wipe, baby oil or soap could get it off.  Anything i could think of i tried. I didn't think to use the Eucalyptus oil that probably would have done it, nail polish remover did but i didn't want to bathe him in that.

So Preschool photos have him wearing a lovely shirt and smile and black marker up and down his arms and legs.  The photographer offered to photoshop him but i said its ok i don't mind its just him.



  1. Too cute! Did you manage to get it off in the end?

  2. i didnt. most of it has come off with extra long baths and a couple of swims in the pool. it was my good industrial marker and he did it sitting right next to me.


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