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Monday, September 3, 2012

Do you suffer from the serious " I just gotta" ?

I have it.   Its serious and I'm not sure how or when i got it.

"I just gotta"  seems to be something i say and do on a more regular basis than i thought.

It became aware to me when the kids started repeating it back to me.
me :  Come and get in the bath please
child: I am I just got to play with this car
me: No come and get in the bath now before you get cold
child: I am i just got to play with this car and then put my washing away and my shoes and THEN i just got to come to the bath.

I do it in alot of circumstances:

I go to make a cup of coffee and i never get to it because as i walk into the kitchen "I just gotta" put the dishes away or the toaster or decide to clean the benches or take out the rubbish.

I load my arms to take downstairs to the car in the morning. "I just gotta" take the rubbish with me, the parcels to be posted, the washing, rubbish, baby bag, bottle bag, handbag, car keys, somebody's book bag or hat.  One day I'll have so much "I just gotta" take this that i will forget the baby.

When there is a show i want to watch and it starts at 8.30 I always record it anyhow because i know I'm not going to be sitting waiting by 8.29.  I always "I just gotta"  tidy up, find some washing to fold when watching, make a cup of coffee, put some washing on, check the school bags, wipe over the bathroom - something!

Master R is loving games (bingo, snap, connect 4, etc) at the moment so we play one before bed and i find myself saying "yep you set up I just gotta" and do what ever it is plus three other things and he sits there waiting waiting waiting.  I must be so frustrating when you've waited all afternoon to play.

The worst is when i need to do actual work on the computer and i sit down and "I just gotta" and never get to what i was supposed to be doing and hours have gone by. 

Do you suffer from "I just gotta?" 

Is it curable?


  1. I was going to post a comment, but before I can, I just gotta fold the washing, and put a new load in and, take the babies to the park.... :)

  2. Oh yeah - I'm hearing ya! That is me to a tee! :)

  3. It's a Mum thing - there is always a just gotta.


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