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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rainbow Party Cookies

Rainbow Party Cookies

I had great pleasure in making some cookies for a Rainbows & Butterflies 5th Birthday Party over the weekend.
Here is the Cookies i made and a quick run down of the rainbows for those who were asking on facebook. 
Master R and I are going to make some more of the rainbow cookie style this weekend but with different colours and styles, we'll post them up on facebook before they disappear.

 Make a batch of basic cookie dough.  Split it up into portions and colour them.  Cover and pop them in the fridge for about hour so they firm back up a little. 
 Moosh all the portions together and roll out into a long snake shape.  (Just pretend its play dough)
 At this point you can roll the whole thing in some sprinkles or the like and they look great. 

Then slice it up to make your cookies.

 Bake them in the oven.   Watch them close because you dont want the browning of cooking to change the colours. 

Ta dah!   So easy

Try Rolling the doughs out flat and laying out on top of each other before rolling.
This one we rolled in sprinkles and topped with chocolate buttons.

Let me know if you make some :)   Bel x


  1. I'm so going to make these rainbow biscuits!! They look amazing!

  2. You make this look so easy to do, even I could make them! Can't wait to try it, they look amazing - great photos too!


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