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Friday, August 24, 2012

Top 5 - How NOT to lose those maternity kilos

So i have been 'atempting' to lose the couple of extra maternity kilos that are preventing me from fitting into my normal clothes. If i don't lose them very soon i will be wearing nothing at all this Summer because i refuse to buy any larger size clothing.  
However upon reflection of my week i may have hindered this goal, yes i did all these things. 
Here is my top five of how not to lose weight.
1. Even though all the top Chefs say to "taste your food" whilst cooking this does not apply when nibbling continuously on the same batch of raw cookie dough. 
2. Celery and carrot sticks make fantastic snacks for busy mums on the run.  Cut them up in advance and store in containers in the fridge.  Great idea, however probably shouldn't eat a Freddo whilst chopping up your veg.
3. At 10am on the way home from the school drop and morning walk around the sports ground, stopping at the Servo and picking up a Coke defeats the purpose of walking for half an hour with two kids in five degrees - dummy.   (I'd been up since 4am - i was desperate)
4. Sneaking a cookie in the kitchen as your making a coffee to take back into a room full of kids going crazy does not give you any more sanity.

5. When at the Shopping Centre - walk.   Do not go back down to the car park and drive from the  BigW entrance down about 800m to Woolies.  Even if you have a trolley load of groceries and its 10pm and your tired.
I have failed this week I am sure but i can't tell because the scales in our bathroom were broken whilst i was in hospital having my daughter and i keep ummm forgetting (?)  to get new ones.

By Bel

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  1. I can actually relate to a few of your top five tips. Unfortunately my scales aren't broken.


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