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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Super Easy Halloween Cookies

Super Easy Halloween Cookies 

written by: bel

Make a batch of basic cookie dough
Split into two and put in separate bowls
Colour each batch.  I used colour pastes food colouring
Once you have you colour pop your doughs in the fridge for ten mins to firm up a little.
Pic. 1.  Roll in long snakes and then flatten with rolling pin.  (don't forget to flour your surface and rolling pin)
Pic 2. Layer your doughs on top of each other
Pic 3 & 4. Roll again length ways
Pic 5.  Cut into little discs & bake (watch them you don't want them to go brown and change the colours)
Pic 6. Halloween cookies :)

I've also made Rainbows which you can see here

Basic Biscuit:

185g Butter - softened
3/4 cup Caster Sugar
1tsp Vanilla Extract
1 Egg
2 cups Plain Flour

Mix the sugar,butter and vanilla till creamy.
Then the egg, keep mixing.
Slowly add the flour.


  1. Very cool looking cookies, need to come trick or treating at your door.

  2. I want to see a picture of your hands after rolling it out! They look grerat.
    Prue x

  3. They look awesome!!

    Very Halloween!!!

  4. My boys would love these-great Halloween biccies x

  5. That looks funny - and easy enough for even me to attempt!

  6. They are cool bet the kids like them!

  7. Great idea! They look very easy to do

  8. They look awesome and I am totally going to make some for our trick or treaters

  9. What a fantastic idea! I love how simple and effective this is. :)

  10. Mmm - I could nom nom these cookies.

    Thanks for linking up.
    Trish - My Little Drummer Boys


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