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Monday, July 15, 2013

Stardust Circus - Sydney July 2013 Review

Stardust Circus 
A Sydney show review by Nic

My daughter has recently become obsessed with watching Dumbo, the 1941 Disney classic. As most toddlers/children do, she watches it over and over again. If you don’t know/remember the story; Dumbo is a baby elephant who is born into the circus. There’s a fare bit of circus events and stunts in the movie. So I asked her if she’d like to go to a real circus with me one day, “Oh yes Mummy!” she replied with an extremely over enthusiastic voice. So I typed into Google ‘circus Sydney’ and lucky us, there was a circus here now, the Stardust Circus was in town!

 Very excited, I left 45 minutes early with Miss 2 and Mister 8 months (Hubby was working) to allow myself all the extra time I seem to need now that Miss 2 is toilet training and Mister 8 months has just started teething and throw in the fact that I’m new to Sydney and haven’t been to this place before. I’m glad I did because there was a teacup ride, jumping castle slide and a mini sideshow alley for us to explore!
They also have a show bag for $10, some different flashing light toys for sale as you walk into the tent, standard fun show food and a coffee stand.
The show went for 2 hours, starting just after 11am and finishing at about 1:15pm including an intermission.
I won’t ruin the show for you but you will see some of the following: Lions, pony’s, dogs, pigs etc... Performing perfect tricks! Crazy, funny clowns with some good adult and children jokes, an awesome mix of music both during and in-between performances, people from as young as a 1 year old (yes he’s only 1 and he’s gorgeous!) through to adults doing some serious stunts and showing us great skills! There is an opportunity to have your photo taken with a baby lion cub for $40 before the show and at half time the kids can ride a pony around the circus ring for a small fee.
My daughter loved the clowns the most and I have to say I enjoyed anything the young acrobats were involved in - so cute and so talented!
This is a show I’m glad I didn't miss and lucky us we‘ll be going with another family next week!

The Stardust Circus website is easy and you can buy tickets from there with a $5.50 booking fee, but that way when you arrive you can just show them the print out, give them your booking number, or like me – just give them your surname while you juggle two kids! I also pre-purchased a $5 souvenir program as a keepsake and to show Hubby as it was the kids’ first circus experience.

  • Bring cash. If you think you’ll want to buy food, toys, let the kids go on the rides or play the sideshow games then bring extra cash as there are no card facilities.
  • Plan where you think you’ll park before you leave. I don’t recommend parking right out front like we did as it becomes a traffic jam quickly before and after the shows and we were parked in.
  • Get there early. Allow time to get a parking spot, walk to the show, have kids go to the toilet and line up (OR buy your tickets then line up *they don’t take credit cards).
  • I brought my own snacks and bought some there. Bring your own if you want to save money and have a healthy option. It can also help to keep the kids still in their seats to watch the show and avoid lining up in the half time break.
  • You can bring a pram and leave it just inside the tent entrance before heading to your seats. I wish I did, I need more than 2 arms.

For information and to purchase tickets go to their website:  http://www.stardustcircus.com.au/

*We sat in the Elevated Chairs which was $30 per adult, $20 per child (no charge for a child who can sit on your lap for 2 hours). It wasn’t a sell out show so the last three rows at the back were empty. Just before the show started I moved us up the back so we could spread out a bit more. A few people did the same – especially the ones with toddlers who wanted to get out of their chairs and move around a bit.

Note:  This is simply a review of OUR experience. We were not asked, reimbursed, paid or anything else from Stardust for this review.  All words are our own.  thanks.


  1. I would have loved to take the kids to this, next time for sure!! Great review Nic!!

  2. I love a good circus and so do my boys. Stardust is a lovely circus too.


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