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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yoghurt and Lemon Cake - Secret Recipe

Yoghurt and Lemon Cake

I love this cake - seriously you're lucky i'm sharing it. 
So keep it to yourself ok  :)

¾ cup Castor Sugar
60ml Coconut Oil
2 Eggs Separated
300g Greek Yoghurt
1 Lemon grated zest 
 1 ½ cup Self Raising Flour
1 teaspoon Baking Soda
1 tablespoon Desiccated Coconut

Using a mixer beat together the Coconut Oil and Sugar and then add egg yolks one at a time mixing in well.

Add in the Lemon zest and yoghurt.

Slowly mix in the Flour, Baking Soda & Coconut.

In a separate small bowl whisk the egg whites until they become soft peaks  and then fold into the cake batter. 

Pour into cake pan. I tend to use a Bundt tin

Cook at 160- 180 Celsius fan forced for about 1hr 10min.  I think sometimes the seasonal changes in the yoghurt can affect the timings as well as the differences in ovens so about an hour.

Icing:  Icing sugar and lemon juice and a little colouring. pending on the consistency you are after.

joining in with Jess for IBOT :)


  1. Yum this looks delicious, dare you to make me some!!

  2. Oh my goodness what a great recipe. I do love me a bit of lemon cake and since it has yoghurt is must be healthy!

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  3. OOOh yummo! I love a good cake! I have blogged a variation of a yoghurt cake so do check it out on my blog sometime. Will have to try yours too as I love zest cakes!

  4. Now that is a cake even I could make. My mum would love me if I made it a took it over for afternoon tea. I think I might just do that. Thank you so much for sharing it (shed love me anyway ... But she's certainly be pleased x

    1. Dont tell her the recipe :) hope she likes it too

  5. Looks amazing! Love a good lemon hit in a cake - delicious! Found you via IBOT! Great blog - will be keeping up with your posts! :)

    1. Thanks Jodie, Just saw you on Bloglovin so i look forward too seeing more of your brilliant stuff :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Jacana :) Thanks for always popping in i appreciate your bloggin' love x

  7. The dr told me to sort out cholesterol .... This is a cake for that, right?

  8. Oh that looks beyond amazing! Think I need to make this for Miss Ava's birthday on Monday :)

  9. Sluuuuurp!! That looks awesome. I've tried Donna Hay's version but think it's too sickly sweet... well, it's good but I'd been thinking I must try to adapt it. This looks fab though... bookmarking!

  10. I'm not a big cake eater but this makes my mouth water! I love the addition of the greek yoghurt. Is it possible for these things to "fall"?

    Thanks for the BlogLovin follow, I am a new follower of yours as well. I'd love it if you linked up to my weekly BlogLovin Hop (http://www.journeysofthezoo.com/search/label/BlogLovin%20Hop). Hope to see you every Thursday.

    Looking forward to connecting further.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com


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