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Friday, August 9, 2013

Kmart NEW Home Range Review

The lovely people at Kmart gave me the opportunity to try out some of their new range homewares.

I was looking to Spring Clean my kitchen, replace a few things, get some better organisation and add a couple of things i just had to have.

Thank you Kmart for your inspiration, great range of products and affordable pricing

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I picked up these gorgeous Peony canvas prints for $12. I still can’t decide whether the kitchen or hall.  I like them even more now I have them home.  

 I love the clear plastic trays these are great they kinda disappear into the fridge and are handy to:
Store the kids snack foods,  stop you losing things at the back of the fridge, easy to take out stuff for lunches, reduce the chances of spilling things through the fridge, help keep it organised.

$7ea Storage turntable. I love this.  So cool. Use in the fridge for the little jars of things, in the pantry for your sauces, how about storing your breakfast spreads and seasonings and just move the whole thing to the table at breakfast time.     My five year old did think it was a playdoh pottery wheel sort of thing but I did think that a pencil and crayon holder was pretty good too.

Pullout storage $7. This is on castors. Genius the person who thought to put castors on the bottom. Use it for large things in the pantry. Fits all my baking jars perfectly or sometimes i do need an extra fruit and vegetable draw.  

 How great are these seriously large tea towels?!
2 for $5.  Brilliant! 

$5ea Under Shelf Basket.  This I like because it uses the space in the pantry that would totally be wasted.  My tea boxes and coffee pods can now sit above the rest of the teas and coffees saving me a lot of space, Great for small things like baby foods, or brilliant to hold safely seaweed and rice paper.

$7ea Three tier shelf.  I like the sturdiness of this. I like how you can fit a whole can on the shelf. Handy for bottle or jars.  You can also get a corner style shelving. 

Cereal bowls. I love these. They are high sided and a good 14cm size.  You can get them in stripes or spots in black, red, stone or these blue ones.  
Really handy bowl. The Mugs are so cute, they fit perfectly under my coffee machine and i love the silicon wraps.
At $2each you can’t go wrong.

I use the Large Pantry Shelf $4 to help sort the bowls.  Those plastic plates and bowls just get int the way all the time. not anymore

See those small glasses on the top right of the shelf. 6 for $2!
I threw out the kids plastic ones and replaced with these. 
Much better. 
and loving how all the everyday glassware fits together and takes up less space.

There is a great selection of scented candles now in tins or glass, small or large. Beautiful scents for Spring! This one was $1!

I replaced my chopping boards with these great flexible mats. 3 for $8!

This little candleholder is a great little accessory. Was thinking to put a little vase inside with some fresh flowers.   There is a great range of accessories now in Kmart!

You can see the new look Kmart Home Range on the Kmart Website.

We have a fantastic $100 Voucher giveaway running on our site currently thanks to KMART you can enter it HERE!


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