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Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby Sleepytime Bath Review and Giveaway!

I am always on the lookout for good quality, natural bath products that are easy to find. The Brauers Naturals Baby range of products is fantastic and it’s all available at my local supermarket, so I’m one happy mummy!
We've been test driving the Baby Sleepytime Bath for the last month and I’m really happy with it. The kids are noticeably calmer when we’ve used it, going to bed is a lot smoother and the solid sleep has definitely improved. Mister 10 months loves his baths and when I use the Baby Sleepytime Bath product he has a great night sleep … so I’ve started using it every night, who wouldn’t!
What I personally love the most about this product is that it cleanses and moisturisers and is gently on Miss 2’s skin. She suffers from Eczema and before I would have to bath her in just plain water, now she is happy for me to use the Baby Sleepytime Bath and it doesn't affect her skin.  
What Miss2 loves most about this product – the bonus rubber duckie that comes with it of course.

About this product:
  • No nasties: free of petrochemicals
  • Soap free
  • Only pure, natural ingredients
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Eczma-friendly
  • Softly scented
You can view the whole Brauer Naturals Baby Bath and Skin Care Range here. They list the entire range, directions, pricing and ingredients.

This product is a dream come true to for us. We love it, we'd love you to give it a try. It would also make a great gift for someone having a baby (as all mothers know how sleep depriving that first year+ can be).

Brauer is giving 3 of our lucky readers the chance to win a full sized Sleepytime Bath product worth $11.49! It includes the bonus rubber duckie.

All you have to do is enter via the box below. 
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  1. Try to stick to a routine, a relaxing bath, book or soothing music.
    Ensuring the bedroom isn't too hot or cool.

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  3. Swaddling, is the first thing I think mums with unsettled babies should try, and not just with newborns.

  4. A Consistent Routine with Bath, Story time and then a Magical Night light that Plays Beautiful Calming Sounds always Gets our Boy off to Sleep.

  5. It's all about routine for me. If we are out of routine then its mayhem!

  6. I made the mistake of rocking my kids to sleep, still going and going .....

  7. A calming, familiar routine. Being consistent is essential.

  8. I try to think positively- helps me feel better and less anxious about sleep time. We have a sleep time routine- a bath, read some stories and say a rhyme when put into bed.
    russellcathryn at yahoo dot com dot au

  9. I have tried absolutely everything and it really is a hit and miss kind of thing. There doesn't appear to be rhyme or reason for his sleepless nights anymore than there is for the nights he goes down easily.

  10. Routine for sure, my 3 week old already loves having a shower with his dad and does not settle until he has had his shower!! Should be fun next week when daddy is away for work!!

  11. mine loved having their bath,getting wrapped up and given their bottle.

  12. popping a baby blanket in the dryer , just to get a little warm, then swaddled my daughter in it after a feed. OH she loved it and slept for a few hours, bliss!!!

  13. Rocking and humming is very soothing. Some music softly playing is always helpful too.

  14. Use the same routine every night - bath, massage, book, bed :)

  15. Having a routine that I stick too religiously seems to help!

  16. I have tried this since the bloggers brunch and adore it also. It is magic to mums and parents. It sends my twins off to a great nights sleep. Brauer is my new best friend that is for sure. Suzanne.

  17. Stick to a routine, ours is dinner, bath, story, sleep!

  18. We follow the same routine before bed- bathtime, then dressed in his night nappy/pjs/sleeping bag, then breastfeed and (hopefully) when we put him down he goes to sleep. He's only 3 months though so this doesn't always work unfortunately.

  19. A story before bed and sticking to the same routine really helps. Logged into rafflecopter as Dianne Childs :)

  20. With all 3 of my babies we have had a very stable set routine, I think when babies know 'what comes next' it makes bedtime so much easier. A relaxing bath, warm jarmies, pop her into her sleeping bag, feed and cuddle off to sleep has always worked for me. Oh and making sure baby is tired enough to go to bed. No point in trying to force a baby to sleep if they are not ready!! Thanks so much :) Monique

  21. A bedtime story allows my kids to understand it's time for sleep.

  22. Swaddling is amazing and never have it to quiet a womb is as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

  23. cuddles and singing. while you can. soon enough they grunt from you at a distance lol!


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