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Friday, November 2, 2012

Banana and Blueberry Muesli Muffins

Banana and Blueberry Muesli Muffins
written by: bel
The lovely people at Food for Healh sent me some Fibre Cleanse Muesli to try which was really tasty.
I made breakfast very convenient for myself by making them into muffins.

Food For Health

Banana and Blueberry Muesli Muffins

125g Butter
2/3 cup Brown Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
3 medium Bananas mashed
½ cup frozen Blueberries
1 ½ cups SR Flour
1 cup Food for Health Fibre Cleanse Museli
2 tbsp milk
Cooking spray

Melt your Butter, Sugar and Vanilla together either on the stove or until just melted in the microwave (stir it up to melt the last of the butter).  
I used the microwave and used the same bowl for the whole recipe.

Stir in your mashed Bananas and Blueberries.

Mix in the Flour and milk.
Finally stir in your Muesli

I used cooking spray to grease my tin. Spoon batter into muffin holes and I topped mine with a little brown sugar and muesli.
Cook at 150 degrees Celsius fan forced for about 20mins.  

Thank you to Food for Health to sending me some products to try. 
These are definatley an everyday muffin breaky option for me now.

if you are looking for my "wheat free, yeast free, dairy free, egg free - Banana and Blueberry muffins"  they can be found CLICK HERE


  1. made these and they are super delicious; I removed then while the tops were just undercooked and let the steam cook it through. Great for lunches.


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