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Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Vegetable Cakes

written by: bel
Testing out the Christmas recipes before Christmas is always a good idea however who has the time, desire or kilos to spare ?!  So I'm flicking through a few and reporting back to try and help us all find some some good ones for the festive season.  

We've done Mini Fruit Mince Cakes from the Nov/Dec of the good ole Woman's Weekly  

Here is one from Delicious December/January 2012 Its from the Guest Chef Trine Hahnemann who has a new book Scandinavian Christmas.

Mini Root Vegetable Cake with Horseradish Cream.

We were mixed about this one, two saying they liked the texture but not so much the taste and two saying they liked the taste but not so much the texture  but all agreed they were nice and are a good 'base' for something like the Horseradish cream. It really does need that one more thing. 
We had them in tuna and salad rolls the next day for lunch and they were beautiful.

I liked them but of course being root vegetables and from a book called Scandinavian Christmas they are a winter food not a summer one so if you're doing a traditional roast they'll be fine. If you're doing the light meal maybe seafood then skip this and safe it for your next Christmas in July.

The combination of Beetroot, Parsnip, Almonds and Oats were just too intriguing and they look really pretty in the magazine.   I found them to be pretty easy to make and i had all ingredients but the beetroot on hand.

250g of each grated Beetroot and Parsnip
1/3 cup blanched Almonds finely chopped ( i used flaked)
2 tbs chopped Thyme
1 tsp ground Ginger
1 cup Rolled Oats
3 Eggs lightly beaten ( i used four)
1/4 cup Olive oil
parsley to serve

You just grate up all the vegetables. Stir in the oats, almonds, egg and oil and leave for an hour. It does say to use blanched almonds finely chopped, i didn't have time for that so i just crushed by hand some flaked almonds and they were fine.

 Squeeze them into little balls it says 16 and i think i got 14 so close enough but that was because I did find when cooking them that they did fall apart a little so i threw them all back in added another egg and made them slightly bigger than it looks in the picture. They were then fine. 

 You cook them either side in pan and then put on baking tray and bake for another twenty minutes.  

You can make them ahead and just warm them in the oven before serving so that part i was keen on. 

Don't forget to put the Horseradish cream on when you take the photo.  (ah bugger) 

The Full Recipe and method can be found in the Dec/Jan Delicious Magazine.

I served these with couple of roast potatoes and another recipe from the December/January Delicious
 Turkey Roulade with Sage Stuffing.

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  1. The veggie cakes sound good, I'll be interested in giving these a go. Turkey Roulade sounds good too, and looks good!

  2. Very pretty colour! Like the look of them, with a roast,in the wintertime would you serve them with peas, green beans, broad beans? And just because I like asking you to do recipes :) is there a nut roast or veggie main on the cards? Our traditional Xmas lunch is nut roast for the adults and meat for the kids but I would consider other veggie mains

    1. i shall flick the pages now and see what i can find - just for you :)

  3. My boys would run shreiking from the table if I served those. It's great that your kids at least try things.

    1. Try yes. They dont have to like or eat it all just try a little. The 9yrold is becoming fussier and thats fine the 4yr old will tell you if its "disgustering" but most of the time he keeps eating it. Sometimes they are pretty descriptive with their comments with no regard to the fact mummy has been melting in the kitchen!

  4. oooo yum!! I was a bit hesitant when I read the name of the recipe but it looks great and sure will help my lil miss eat her veges!!

  5. Just Love it. UummmmmmmmmmhhH!!!!!!! Great recipe. My wife always serve me such delicious cakes with beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers & candles. It feels like romantic date.


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